The Renault Mégane GT premieres a new diesel engine


the fourth generation of The Renault Mégane, the best-selling the French brand of diamond, came to the european market at the beginning of this present year 2016. For the moment, the level of finish more sporty in the compact is the GT, being also the most expensive. Eye, do not confuse with the GT-Line, which is other equipment that focuses the sportiness in aesthetic.

Until now, the Renault Mégane GT is only offered with the petrol engine TCe with 205 HP, a version that we tested precisely during the presentation of the vehicle. In a market in which a good part of the compact is sold with diesel mechanical, the mark of the diamond I knew I had to introduce also a version of diesel to extend the range of possible customers. And so it has been, by introducing a diesel mechanical 165 HP in keeping with the sporty finish.

Prueba nuevo Renault Mégane 2016

it Is a tetracilíndrico diesel with a block of 1.600 cubic centimeters 16-valve, in addition to supercharging by the turbo and the direct injection of fuel, still the same propellant that powers some versions of the Reanult Espace and the Talisman. Unlike these two models, the Mégane GT delivers 5 HP more, reaching out to the already cited 165 HP. Its maximum torque is 380 Nm, quite high, and is found from 1,750 rpm. In the meantime, your consumption approved is 4,6 l/100 km in the body-5 doors and 4.7 for the family Sport Tourer. It should be remembered that all the Mégane GT incorporated, series, the system 4Control four-wheel steering to improve agility of tourism French.

Though still we don’t know the exact prices for the Spanish market, nor the date of his arrival, this motor inn is already available in the Renault Mégane GT from our French neighbors, for a price of 34.300 € for the 5-door and 35.200 euros for the body family. That is to say, about 2,000 euros more expensive than the alternative of gasoline and 205 HP in France. In this way, if the price difference is identical between diesel and gasoline in Spain and in France, we can guess a price of about € 27 500 in the five doors and 28.300 in the Mégane Sport Tourer GT.

Renault Megane

From 17.750 euro