The Renault Megane RS ends its production, goodbye to the sport coupe


The Renault Megane R. S. finishes its production

The production of Renault Megane R. S. has come to an end. The sports of the French has already made it out of the production lines of the plant located in Palencia. A model that has been successful within the segment and it came to be the compact front-wheel-drive faster Nürburgring (7:54), standing at the summit for a good time. Now the workers will focus on the Renault Kadjar, and the new Megane.

With the end of production of the Megane R. S. the compact French is doubly sad since in addition to lose your variant more radical will be the last time that we see a Megane three-door until that does not pass the generation that has just begun. Although this is not a goodbye as final as it will allow you to be available until the end of this year.


The radical coupe French conquered public and cirtuitos

remains for Us the consolation of that will go to make way for the Renault Megane R. S.’s new generation that it is confirmed that only will be available in body of five doors. You already know that the new Megane abandon the three-door body to focus on the five-and family, the variants of higher increased sales volume.

The new Renault Megane R. S. 2017 is the prototype stage as we have seen in our spy photos, but its launch will be made throughout the 2017 without leaving too much time the free slot of the R. S. current based on the previous generation.


First images of the new Megane R. S. in the form of a prototype

The model is still current Renault Sport mounts a propeller 2.0-litre petrol TCe that develops up to 275 HP, in the Trophy-R, in combination with a manual switching six-speed. The next generation of the sports don’t focus as much on the increase in raw power as in to improve the dynamics of the vehicle generally, although that does not mean that you have arrive to the 300 HP. What is still an unknown quantity is whether it will only be available with change of double clutch EDC or respected the possibility of change gears