The Renault Mégane Sport Tourer 2016 is left to see for the first time

When the Renault Megane 2016 starts to get to the streets of our country, we see for the first time, with his body-short, to the family version of the same, the Renault Megane Sports Tourer. It had been many months that we had no knowledge of him, and this time he has left to see in very cold climates.


For the first time have the opportunity to see the body short of the Mégane Sports Tourer

this Is the first test of winter in the model. Until now the only mule of evidence that we had seen on the Mégane Sports Tourer was one that formed part of the body compact. Now, very late in the development of the model, see him with his body-final, although that yes, with a lot of camouflage over it.

in spite of this we see more details than obvious that the family version resemble very much the compact. The front seems to be exactly the same, with the same headlights in the form of C and with the new image that Renault is planning to their models, such as the Renault Talisman. Is the rear, logically, the more it changes, keeping the headlights lengthened.

just to see the images appreciates the considerable increase in the size of the Sports Tourer. The rear overhang is very long, which indicates to us that Renault has thought to take advantage until the last cubic millimeter of load. And that is if something will go hard and strong this body is of space, in all its dimensions. Or at least it seems.

In the inside nor is it expect many variations. Although surely see a greater modularity in the rear, always taking into account the Renault Mégane. Seats folding both from the trunk and from the curb, longitudinal shift for the second row, and tailgate automatic.


behind will continue to rely on the headlights elongated as characteristic

In regards to mechanical, there are no new developments in sight. The range mechanics of the Renault Megane is already very varied, and this will continue to be present in the variant family. To complete the testing as expected brand, the new Renault Mégane Sports Tourer will be presented this year, in the Paris Salon held in October.