The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Transdev will launch its fleet of autonomous cars

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autonomous cars are becoming key objective to be achieved by the majority of manufacturers of cars in the world. Its development, need strong financial outlays, and for brands to can carry out have to establish partnerships with other specialized firms in the field. The Renault-Nissan Alliance already have ProPilot in their catalog, but still need more technology to become concerning.

To to grow at a technological level the group of franco-japanese has signed an agreement to work with Transdev. According to have announced both parties of the goal they pursue is to develop different solutions to improve mobility and autonomous vehicles. In addition, these new solutions would be employed in the public transport as well as in the car-sharing.

To do this, create the first fleet of autonomous vehicles focused on the public transport and to transport people on demand. To carry it out, both groups will design a system that will allow customers to book their travel distance. This would allow the operators to manage their fleet vehicle in a more efficient way, because you could tune your cars and times to the real needs of the customers.

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once they have designed their technology, perform tests on tracks real in Europe. The chosen city is Paris and the vehicle with which will be held at will be the Renault Zoe. In addition, with this combination will be able to test the new battery system being developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance for its future electric cars.

According to has communicated the performance director of Transdev, Yann Leriche, “The mobility of the future will be Customized, Connected, Autonomous and Electric”. Therefore, they can contribute to the Renault-Nissan Alliance the experience of being global leaders in mobility services. In against part, the Alliance offers to Transdev the perfect item to carry out its investigations and technological developments.

As proof of this, Leriche has stated that “by joining our forces (Transdev) to a builder of automobiles worldwide that share the same will improve the daily mobility of the clients, we will strengthen our capacity for innovation and accelerate the commercialization of new services”.

Dates, and deadlines, still we do not know, but surely soon we will have news.

Source – Renault-Nissan

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