The Renault-Nissan Alliance has already delivered to 350,000 electric vehicles

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWhThis same Monday I had the French brand Renault had to produce its electric vehicle numbers to 100,000. It was a Renault Zoe that would be for a client Norwegian. Today, only two days after, we have known that the Renault-Nissan Alliance, created at the end of the last century, and whose first electric car saw the light at the end of 2010 with the marketing of the Nissan Leaf, just to overcome the 350.000 units of electric vehicles.

you Can seem to be a number not very high to be the sales for more than five years in several models, but remember that they are electric vehicles, and none of them offers some figures of autonomy very spacious. That is why the current to 100,000 all-electric vehicles sold in a single year by the Alliance are about more than satisfactory results.

renault-kangoo-ze, the vehicle with The greater sales has accumulated in these years, with a lot of difference, is the Nissan Leaf. Of the 350,000 electric units sold, have been sold for more than 230.000 of the Nissan Leaf, which takes several years as the electric car most sold in the world and, according to Nissan estimates, has come 2,700 million kilometres, saving 455.249.190 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. Where else sells this vehicle is in the united States, with 97,000 units, followed by Japan with 68,000, and Europe with 61,000 units sold in these years.

Nissan, in addition to the Leaf, also markets the van e-NV200, which builds up to 20,000 sales from 2014. The French brand sells the Renault Zoe, Kangoo Z. E., the Twizy and the SM3 Z. E. (which here is known as Fluence Z. E.). Currently, the Zoe is the electric best-selling in Europe, and it seems that it will remain so for a long time already that in the first half of 2016, its sales have increased by 32 %, while approaching hard-boiled rivals such as the Opel Ampera-e that will debut at the Paris Salon in just a few days.