The Renault Sandero RS will come to Mexico in the first quarter of next year

This is the first time that a version of the Sandero up so much anticipation but what is certain is that the work done by Renault Sport has gotten the subcompact Renault is effective, fast, and aesthetically much more pleasing.

Renault-Sandero-RS the sale from a few weeks ago in Brazil, the Sandero RS arrives with the intention to conquer the users more dynamic, betting on an aesthetic more suggestive and a behavior that has nothing to do with the Sandero conventional.

Outwardly it is very easy to recognize because of their bumper specific, lights, daytime LEDS, alloy wheels of larger diameter and the tail chromed exhaust. Also include a spoiler on the tailgate rear, drivers rear obscured, logos RS on gate and grille, and mirrors painted in black color.

In the interior there are not so many changes but enough to create a more sporty. Among other things, receiving a few seats more enclosures that hold up better to the body, aluminium pedals, sconces in black lacquered and gear knob RS. The leather covered steering wheel is also unique to this version.

Sandero RSUnder the hood hides a mechanical already known in the Duster but on the Sandero is much better, especially when associated to a six-speed transmission, and developments shorter. With the 145 BHP of power that develops is able to let you go from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds.

Renault Sport has worked on the chassis to get a behavior to the height of any RS. Both the suspension more stiff like the address, premiered calibrated and, for the first time in a Sandero for the region include the control of stability of series. In the same way the brakes feature larger discs, ensuring a stronger, more powerful.

Sandero RSthe launch of The new Sandero RS in Mexico will take place during the first quarter of next year with prices still to be defined but that could be around 240.000 pesos, that is to say, a few 14.515 dollars at the current exchange rate. It should be something more affordable than the Chevrolet Sonic 1.4 Turbo 140 CV RS, Suzuki Swift Sport and of course, the Clio RS, Ibiza Cupra and 208 GTI play in another league for power and price.

Sandero RS