The Renault Sport the Renault Trafic, for the more sporty of the dispatchers

is it a van receive a sports line? At Renault – at least in the Uk – think yes. And that is why in the british isles will be released Sport package+ for the Renault Trafic, which provides an aesthetic touch more aggressive and sporty, essentially aesthetic, to the van from Renault.

Sport package+ will be marketed in the Uk for £ 995 before taxes, some of 1,379 euros according to the current exchange, and will be available across the entire range, and independently of the body, the engine, or the tone of the body chosen. The detail that stands out the most, although not the only, what we have in the adhesives of the body that presents in the front, on the bonnet; and on their lateral line and the rear panels. These stickers will be available in black, red and white, combined with the ten tones of bodywork that are offered in the range Trafic.

The sports line Sport+ will also include defenses more sports, which include day-lighting LED next to the grill, and an integration different from the lighting / fog. It will also feature a sort of spoiler in the rear, in the edge shape with its roof; and extensions on the low.


  • In short, a curious exercise of distinction to contribute something more to a product, a priori boring, as it is a van.

    Source: Renault UK
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