The Renault Talisman and facing Laguna


The Renault Talisman replace Laguna starting next year and nothing better than watching the two together to know what are their differences.


Renault Talisman vs Renault Laguna R enault prepares to replace the Laguna next year. A few weeks ago Talisman officially presented to a product that will try to attack sedans premium Germans and leaving aside the historic designation Laguna in a bid to make even more difference.

The Talisman replace the Laguna from next year.

But it differs both products? First the Talisman, with 4.85 meters long is nothing less than 15 longer than its predecessor centimeters, carrying their coats to upper limit of the segment , something bigger than sedans equivalent of the 3 marks premium German, who not only try to match in quality, but exceed its size.

But enlargement it is also related to the fact that the Talisman also officiate substitute Latitude, a sedan with the name Samsung SM5 is marketed with great success in Korea.

Renault Talisman vs Renault Laguna

Dimensions Renault Talisman Renault Laguna
Length 4.85 m 4.70 m
Width 1.87 m 1.81 m
Height 1.46 m 1.45 m
Distance enter axes 2.81 m 2.76 m
Cargo volume 608 liters 450 liters

The Renault Talisman exceeds Laguna in all its dimensions , as it is also six wider centimeters, has 5 cm more wheelbase, and offer 158 liters more capacity load .

The commitment to differentiate the model it replaces has been very strong. The signing of the diamond three generations then decided not to continue using the name Laguna a name they had adopted in 1993 when replaced the Renault 21 .

The Talisman will become a product with global ambitions, which will be offered not only in Europe, are also in South America and Asia , among its most important markets.

Renault Talisman vs Renault Laguna Photos: L’argus





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