The Renault Talisman will succeed the Laguna and is presented in a video-advancement


Renault readies the product with which to replace Laguna and Latitude. This is the Talisman sedan which will have its world debut next July 6 and at a later stage will win a station wagon variant.


Renault-Talisman.Teaser R enault already have to substitute Laguna and which will be circulated yesterday tradename . The new sedan for D segment is called Talisman becoming the market despite the pessimistic forecasts that indicated the French brand would stay away from that segment with a generalist product.

With the Talisman will replace the Renault Laguna and Latitude.

In theory the Renault Talisman, which will take the same name as the Samsung SM7 Chinese, fulfill the dual purpose of replacing both Laguna and the Latitude.

For now is not much that they are willing to show in this first video advancement, leaving not see more than a small piece of the rear lights, tires and some of the bonnet. However, the video serves to confirm their submission will take place on 6 July.

When you reach the market, Renault Talisman will be transformed into a global product that will try to beat other large, such as sedans Ford Mondeo or Volkswagen Passat and try to do it based on a design with sporty features. At a later stage there will also be a second variant familiar body , which would presumably have its world premiere at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.