The Renault Talisman’s official Estate

The station wagon variant of Renault Talisman is now official. It will debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with the same mechanics as the sedan offering.


Renault-Talisman-Estate-2 V aa be one of the innovations that Renault will take the next Motor Show in Frankfurt , but today they have released the first images and official information . This is the Talisman Estate, the variant with family sedan body with which the diamond mark will replace the Laguna.

Based on the Talisman, the version with familiar body will be put on sale in major European markets after passing through Frankfurt. Possibly this version becomes the most popular of the Talisman range, especially diesel units equipped with propellers.

Aesthetically the Talisman Estate not too much different from conventional model, beyond the changes made on the rear sector. Maintains a sporty look and adds a discreet rear spoiler, roof bars on silver color, while the C pillar and side windows have a chrome frame emphasizing its lines.

Renault-Talisman-Estate-5 Renault-Talisman-Estate-1 Renault-Talisman-Estate-3

The load capacity can reach 1700 liters by folding down the seat backs.

The huge tailgate is electrically activated , with just move your foot below the rear bumper and can be opened and closed without using your hands.

The load capacity is 572 liters, somewhat lower than in the sedan, but with a maximum load length of 1,116mm and a greater height. With the rear seats in the folded position, that number increases to reach 2,010mm, which is equivalent to a volume of nearly 1700 liters .

Its dimensions are 4.86 meters long , 1.87 meters wide and 1.46 meters high, with a wheelbase that is located in the 2810 meters.

Under the hood the same engines that are available in the sedan are expected. Among them are the TCe turbo to block 1.6 liter versions of 150 or 200 horsepower, one dCi turbo diesel 1.5-liter and 110 hp, dCi 1.6-liter turbo diesel in versions of 130 or 160 hp. Engines can be associated to both a manual gearbox with six gears and a EDC automatic transmission equipped with double clutch versions of six or seven gears.

When you reach the market Talisman Estate shall be measured within the segment D with the likes of Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Avensis Touring Sport or Opel Insignia Sport Tourer , just to name a few. For details will have to wait for its world debut at Frankfurt.



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