The Renault Twizy comes to America as a Nissan

Nissan New Mobility conceptNissan New Mobility Concept, that is the name with which the sympathetic Renault Twizy landed in the united States. A few years ago it seemed unthinkable that a car so could reach the united States, even if it is as limited as on this occasion. The Nissan New Mobility Concept will be part of the company’s fleet of carsharing Scoot (specialized in electric motorcycles) in the californian city of San Francisco, one of the cities most european and progressive in the country.

will Be 10 units redial Renault Twizy which are available on the streets of San Francisco. All the units of the Nissan New Mobility Concept, also called Scoot-Quad by the company, are identical to the Twizy 45, the less powerful the model, which has 65 km autonomy and a maximum speed of 40 km/h, ideal for driving about town.

Nissan New Mobility conceptScoot currently has no less than 400 electric motorcycle with 40 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of approximately 50 km/h. With the Nissan New Mobility Concept opening its eye to a new niche of market that for the moment no one else offers. Now, the rates are not economical. The price is 8 dollars per half hour and $ 80 for 12 hours (07:00-19:00), compared to the $ 20 of the traditional scooter in 12 hours. The entire process is managed from an App available for free for Android and iOS.

Source – Nissan

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