The Renault Twizy lands in the united States with the emblem of Nissan

Through a rental company of electric scooter, the Renault Twizy lands in the united States. What will you do with the emblem of Nissan: the Nissan New Mobility Concept which has been called Scoot Quad.

Nissan New Mobility Concept (Nissan Scoot Quad)Nissan was associated with the company, Scoot Networks to investigate the future of transportation. That way, the Renault Twizy landed in the city of San Francisco in the united States, with 10 units carry the logo of Nissan and these are added to the service Scoot Network Mobility.

Scott is a company that offers shared vehicles of zero emissions that are activated through a smart phone. The service at the moment is only available in the city of San Francisco, had scooters and classic scooters of burden, but as a result of the collaboration with the japanese automaker, Scoot added to its fleet the calling Scoot-Quad, a vehicle 100 per cent electric provided by Nissan. It is known Renault Twizy, a two-seater 65 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, ideal for driving in urban areas.

To Nissan it is an interesting experiment, because not only will be able to evaluate the role that electric vehicles will play as a transport option, while at the same time be able to observe the market acceptance of this type of products.

Until the time Scoot had with a park 400 electric scooter which develop a maximum speed of 50 km/h and have a range of 40 kilometers. The Nissan New Mobility Concept is added to the fleet, with a rental price of $ 8, the half-hour or $ 80 for 12 hours.

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