The Renault ZOE called to review by a problem in the brakes

Renault ZOE Swiss EditionAgain there is a call to review and on this occasion the affected person is no other than the Renault ZOE, the utility 100% electric Renault. The French brand has called to review 10.649 units of this model by a potential problem of the brakes, that can cause these to stop working, with the risk that this entails, and cause an accident. Taking into account that they have been manufactured 42.300 units of the Renault ZOE, the campaign has a range of important.

The problem of the brakes of the Renault ZOE is the pass front wheel, which can be bad subjects, and if they move they can harm and even break hoses front brake by friction. Units affected by this problem were manufactured from the start of production of the Renault ZOE to the October 6, 2014 in the French factory in Flins, where it joins the ZOE.

Renault ZOE Swiss EditionRenault will review these units of the ZOE to to verify that the pass of wheels are located on its site as the hoses of brakes have not been damaged. Ensure properly these elements to avoid the potential problem and if necessary will proceed to the replacement of items at no cost to the customer, in a process that, according to the brand could be finished in about 4 and a half hours.

By the time Renault is not aware of any incident involving with this problem of the brakes.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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