The render that you’ve been waiting for: Mercedes-AMG X 63

One of the last surprises that we have been given the mark of the three-pointed star is the launch of a model type pick-up. Responds to the name of Mercedes-Benz a-Class X and takes as a basis the model Nissan Navara. As you already know, Daimler and Renault-Nissan have an alliance with various partnerships in which they share some platforms, engines and, of course, technologies.

Mercedes Class X wants to become in the pick-up to the luxury of the market and, to say truth, it is not something too complicated. Although these vehicles have taken an important leap in quality in the last few years in terms of materials, finishes, equipment and safety levels, there remains an important difference with respect to passenger cars conventional. Mercedes want to be the first in bringing a pick-up to the levels of quality premium.

The person skilled in recreations X-Tomi Design has wanted to put how it would look a Mercedes-AMG X 63. we do Not believe get to see him in the market, since it is a product that is totally illogical, but seeing the changes in the market in recent years, with todocaminos luxurious and of very high performance, nor do we take with too much surprise. In addition, the american market, which like much of this type of vehicles, could sue a vehicle as well. Who knows…

X-Tomi Design has designed digitally a pick-up very radical. The aesthetic changes are clearly noticeable, as the model presented by the specialist in re-enactments shows a front much more aggressive and dynamic that the Class X real. With a body of white color highlights the huge air inlets black to the front with a main grille and a triple socket in the lower part. We can also see a few large wheels, mirror housings and roof black.

Much risk Mercedes if you dared to put on sale a product of this type. To be really fast in asphalt would have to sacrifice considerably the capabilities offroad of Class X. Few people would like a pick-up to drive only on asphalt, although we already know that on tastes there is nothing written. On the other hand, at least in Spain, this AMG already could run at a maximum speed of 120 km/h in our expressways.

Source – X-Tomi Design

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