The renewal of Matt Leblanc in Top Gear is not yet assured


Matt LeBlanc is not yet clear whether he will lead the next season of Top Gear

The last season of Top Gear not to give what to talk about. After the completion of the 23rd the results have not been as expected by producers, fans, and viewers. The latest news that we have is that after the descent of the hearing and the bad reviews received by Chris Evans, the main presenter of the new phase of Top Gear after departure of the trio skull, abandoned the project and that there were tensions with co-presenter Matt LeBlanc. Now it’s LeBlanc who is not yet clear whether it will continue or not in the boat.

Scarcely a few weeks to start shooting the 24 season of Top Gear and still it is not clear how will be the cast of presenters and who will be the head more visible. Following the departure of Evans all the attention falls on LeBlanc, however despite the fact that the producers are confident that there will be no more changes in the cast of the program what is true is that LeBlanc has not yet signed anything that would ensure his presence during the next season.

According to the source, the actor and presenter canadian has been proposed to double their fees for a year going to charge â £ 500,000 to a million (more than 1.150.000 euros the change). That is to say to assume the role that had Chris Evans as a presenter main as in salary during the following season without tying for the moment, to other more.


The group of presenters of this new era of Top Gear, Chris Evans (in the middle) already confirmed their abandonment

The actor shows his interest to continue in the project, but you may be using this situation as pressure measurement to get even more benefits. Producers know that LeBlanc is one of the positive aspects of the program of that unconvincing season and want to take advantage of the maximum.

Matt was one of the positive aspects of last season, is willing to come back and without a doubt what I want back for what is going to happen, we just need to put the record straight. We think that he will be recording again soon and is very excited about some of the ideas that we have prepared” as stated by the anonymous source within the BBC.

While the second season of this new stage of Top Gear will start to be filmed next month surrounded again by a certain uncertainty, in autumn we will know the new program of the trio original composed by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond called The Grand Tour and issued by Amazon. The duel between the two TV programs is served and I bet that you already have an idea of who is going to win.