The renewal of the Alfa Romeo 4C will be ready in 2019: there will be No change manual

The renewed Alfa Romeo 4C to debut in 2019, with several improvements in the suspensions, the direction and even with a possible new engine. You will also receive some aesthetic touches to retain its validity.

Andl Alfa Romeo 4C is one of the models most spectacular Italian brand has launched in recent years and while there are those who believe that the brutal Giulia is the one that should be considered in such a way, what is certain is that the small, sporty mid-engine is a supercar on a reduced scale.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is built on a monocoque carbon fiber and thanks to their low weight uses the services of a small engine turbo four-cylinder to achieve a performance and feelings of myocardial.

however, the small sports of the central engine has been the target of a wide range of criticisms, ranging from the aesthetic plane, the questionable design of the headlights of the edition released later the brand changed, until lto extreme austerity of its interior, with pieces inherited from other models of Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Official: this is the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

But in addition, many experts have criticized the behavior of his address, sometimes unpredictable, and a driving something uncomfortable, even though this last hardly bother to their owners. The improvements that the Italian brand has plans for its update of half of life will come just in a moment that Alfa Romeo will be once more the focus of all eyes when the next year is to join the Formula 1.

In this sense, the desire of the Italian firm is getting back to the 4C as your product “halo”, with the purpose of achieve to attract the potential customers of Alfa Romeo.

however, those who expected the possible incorporation of a manual transmission at the time of your renewal, you will be disappointed, as Roberto Fedeli, chief of engineering of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, confirmed that the 4C will never be offered with a manual transmission.

In fact, Fedeli was a step beyond to ensure that none of the models of high-performance Alpha Romeo, Maserati or Ferrari will be offered with a manual gearbox, as the demand is too low to consider this alternative.

And the choice is not capricious, but is based on statistics and his own experience as head of Ferrari. While developed the Ferrari California several years ago the Italian firm has invested 10 million euros in the development of a manual gearbox for that model, and finally only two units led to this transmission, enough to convince you that the manual transmission was dead.

however, the renewed Alfa Romeo 4C will incorporate some revised suspension settings, as well as a new direction and even to the little, sporty could release a new engine.

renewed Alfa Romeo 4C 2019 will be presented during the autumn of 2018, while sales will begin only in 2019.