The renewed cia, forming Ypsilon 2018 as wheel in Italy

The Lancia Ypsilon 2018 will come with some minor exterior improvements, as well as an interior redesign and an update on the endowment.

Photo: Gabetz Spy Unit

Hace a few days you, we told you that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was preparing an update of half of life to the only model of Lancia, still with life and the first images of the the updated Lancia Ypsilon 2018 are already circulating on the internet.

a slight update of the hatchback Lancia, which already takes six years in the market, and which had been renewed to end of 2015 with an update that brought enhancements and exterior in the envelope. Now the first spy pictures indicate that the model also will be the day externally and you will also receive some improvements in the cockpit.

Lancia Ypsilon 2018 get some modifications in the front and in the behind and although in the photographs it looks covered with a dense camouflage, it is expected that the changes are not too drastic.

Photo: Gabetz Spy Unit

In the interior, is where the improvements will be more evident, as the Ypsilon released a new dashboard that will also include a novel system of information and entertainment, Uconnect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is unlikely that the model debuts some of the newest technologies driving assistance that assembled the Fiat and Alfa Romeo today, but in any case will have to wait for its arrival on the market.

With respect to the mechanics, it should be recalled that from the next month of march engines FireFly will land in the range of Fiat, which is why it is very likely that the Lancia Ypsilon also make use of them.

Out of the european market for the last few months, the Ypsilon has managed to survive only in Italy, where it is the second model best-selling of that market.

From Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have already confirmed that the Lancia Ypsilon will continue in production as long as the demand and its current success in Italy ensures that the Ypsilon will maintain the life of the famous Italian brand, until it is re-launched with new models or end up finally retiring by the back door.

Photo: Gabetz Spy Unit