The renewed Hyundai Veloster 2018 discovered in its final phase of testing


In the middle of the street has been able to be hunted.

This is the first time that the new generation of the Hyundai Veloster is left to see in your final layout, after being hunted any of the mules of initial tests, that is hidden behind a false body of the current generation of the coupe Korean, which, although hidden to the naked eye the model, betrayed the presence of a frame extensively modified.

The thick camouflage just a glimpse of the new design features that will have this new generation of the Veloster, however, we can begin to see certain details, that in the first prototypes spotted until now was impossible to guess. As her silhouette, very similar to the Veloster’s current, so that we understand that the new model will be an evolution of the current, more than a Veloster completely new.

In the first place, the most striking feature is the presence in this prototype of the feature, more particularly of the first generation of the Veloster, the peculiar configuration of three doors. Again with a solitary door of a size larger on the driver’s side and that is clearly appreciated in this mule, despite the efforts of the engineers of the hyundai brand in camouflaging this new version.


exhaust central and new drivers finest.

as for the front, we can also appreciate the huge central grill, which although half-hidden, reminds us of the design that can be found in other current models of the brand. That it seems that in this prototype, occupies the entire front surface of the nose, from the hood to the bottom of the bumper, in a single piece.

as for the optical groups in the front area we can intuit a few headlights with double inner element in addition to the flashing while in the rear and see how these will be thinner than those who ride the current generation of the coupe. A detail very clear and eye-catching of this prototype is the dual exhaust, which we find again in the center of the rear bumper. In the prototypes previously hunted, although they had the dual center output, actually it was installed only for cosmetic, with a few leaks, real side of the rear.

In regards to its mechanics, we know very little still really, but to be expected again with blocks of four cylinders, more than likely supercharged. The launch of this new version should be scheduled for 2017 or 2018 at the latest, although his arrival remains a mystery.