The replacement of the McLaren 650S will arrive at the Geneva motor show 2017

McLaren is already working on the replacement of the McLaren 650S, and so advanced is their development that we can now confirm that your presentation for the upcoming Geneva motor show. The british manufacturer McLaren is amazing with a significant growth in its range and its versions, but it is time to move your model more representative. Best of all is that McLaren speaks of a major revolution, both in design as in performance.


The relief of the McLaren 650S will be very important, and it will be the first development as a consolidated brand and offering a range of the most complete

If we stop to analyze in detail the modern history of McLaren, not so long ago that we saw the debut of the McLaren MP4-12C (2011), the real first McLaren modern. After he would see the McLaren 650S happen, discovering how around the 650S were born an infinite range of models and variants, highlighting the McLaren P1 (Ultimate Series) and McLaren 570S (Sport Series).

The first thing we can confirm about the release of the McLaren 650S is that his debut will be at the next Geneva motor show in 2017. At the same time, this new model promises a substantial step forward in design and performance, and this is confirmed by Mark Flewitt, CEO of McLaren. Taking into account that the current sports media, McLaren is able to achieve the 675 HP at the McLaren 675LT, a new model could get close to 700 HP, still McLaren will continue using your engine 3.8 V8 Twin-Turbo and its carbon-fibre monocoque as the starting point of all their new models.


Frank Stephenson Santos, head of design of McLaren, promises a completely new design

At the design level is where more changes promises to McLaren and his chief of design Frank Stephenso Saints. If we remember, when Stephenson Saints came to McLaren, the MP4-12C was developed almost to the full, so that only he could tone down his aesthetic. With the passage of time, the chance of your restyling managed to bring the McLaren 650S to the true design of McLaren, who met with the McLaren P1. Stephenson Santos promise now that there will be significant changes, both in the exterior and in the interior, and is now part of a blank sheet of paper.