The replacement of the Skoda Yeti could be very similar to the Kodiaq

Skoda SUV CWhen Skoda put on the market its all way Yeti is not expected to have much success. This first SUV of the Czech brand was based on the platform and design of the defunct and little lucky Skoda Roomster launched on the market in the year 2005. However what has not triumphed in a way has triumphed over the other and has come until our days as one of the all-roads balanced of the segment.

The problem arises with the passage of time and the strong competition that he has gone to the Skoda Yeti. Moreover, the problem becomes more important if we consider that the mark shortly be put on the market the great Kodiaq and that Seat has in the market the Ateca. Therefore, in the house of Mladá Boleslav would be working on a replacement worthy to remain competitive in the segment king from the european market.

Skoda SUV C

Thanks to the renders created by Theophilus Chin we can imagine how will be the design of the replacement to the Skoda Yeti. However, we must take it as a reference since the current size of the Yeti it fits more like a SUV urban ass man that as a compact SUV itself. For this reason there will be to wait for the brand confirm if it grows in size and gets filled in the field of Ateca and company.

To level aesthetic should borrow many lines design Kodiaq the large SUV of the brand. Will have a few headlights front torn in that sense projectors led as well as the new grill of the house. The rear is also very similar to that of Kodiaq, although it also seems reasonably to Ateca Seat.

we look forward to see what news gives the brand and if the Yeti climbs of category is more than likely that the emergence of a new B-SUB to make company to the Ibiza and Polo SUV.

Photos – Theophilus Chin