The restyling for the Volkswagen Golf will be presented in November

Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 aniversarioThe Volkswagen Golf of the seventh generation, known by many as the Golf VII, was put on sale during the last quarter of 2012. Therefore, it is found in the middle of its life cycle, that is normally of eight years, so we were already pending in a news story similar to the one that today we bring. And is that, according to the own brand of the “people’s car”, during the next month of November we will know that the restyling of the compact for excellence.

The compact German leads to the sale 42 years, from which it is launched for the first time in its first generation back in the year 1974. Much has happened since then, but what is certain is that the Volkswagen Golf has been sold as if donuts were from that first generation. By the end of 2015, had been marketed nearly 32.6 million units in all the world, or what comes to the same thing: on average, every 40 seconds sold a Volkswagen Golf.

As always, Volkswagen will look for a face wash that do not change any of the main traits of the well known compact model. It is expected that, on the outside, to change slightly the bumper, the front grille, some other change in the headlights and in the drivers of lights, and maybe incorporate some new design for the wheels.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 40 aniversariowe do expect a greatest number of changes in the interior. It is more than likely that the brand of the car of the people update the infotainment system, perhaps with a screen size higher, better, and more possibilities in the connectivity systems, any change in the society’s main console.

We have doubts whether Volkswagen will incorporate it as an option in the finishes highest in the dashboard fully digital that debuted in the Audi TT and is available for quite a long time in the Volkswagen Passat. We also have the intrigue of if the Volkswagen Golf will receive the possibility to incorporate a chassis adjustable the taste of the driver by driving modes.

we’ll Have to wait to November to that we can see him definitely.

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