The return of the brothers fastest of the Dakar


The hermanos Patronelli are back and don’t come ride. After an absence of four years, Alejandro Patronelli and two of Marcos Patronelli, the brothers fastest of the Dakar return to the raid more hard of the world with the sole aim of re-conquering the Touareg in the category of quads. Between the two add up to four titles, two per head, and always faithful to Yamaha, they will seek to break the tie in his match. Since 2009 the category of quads became independent, the hermanos Patronelli have gotten this talk in Spanish. can Get you beat Ignacio Casale and Rafal Sönik?

The idyll of the family Patronelli with the Dakar began in 2009, coinciding with the first edition in South america. Marcos Patronelli was launched to the adventure along the canadian firm Can-Am and his first participation ended with three stages and a second position. Further away from the absolute result, the great feat of the younger of the Patronelli was face-planting Christophe Declerck and the winner Josef Machacek, two pilots with much more experience. A year later, Marcos Patronelli was the first to win the south american title of the Dakar, while Alejandro Patronelli made his debut being second and scoring two stages.

Soon the two brothers Patronelli became the reference of the category of quads, being the great rulers of the specialty. Alejandro Patronelli won the Dakar in 2011 with five stage victories, a title he repeated in 2012 being the leader from the equator of the test. The saga of the Patronelli closed his magnificent performance in the Dakar 2013, when the younger of the brothers won their second title. This last Touareg came with Alejandro Patronelli focused on the transport company of family and full concert tour with his rock group ‘Capitan Nightrain’.


Marcos Patronelli joined the family business after the Dakar 2014,
where he had to leave. That moment became a point of
turning within the category
of quads that other drivers knew
to take advantage of. The chilean Ignacio Casale (winner in 2014), the Polish Rafal
Sönik (winner 2015) and other drivers such as Sergio Lafuente, Sebastian
Husseini or Nelson Sanabria became a reference, although it is
clear that the absence of the argentine brothers was a great vacuum
within the category. An emptiness of face-to-2016 has ended, even though
the rivalry has grown into several integers

As it is almost
the custom in the family Patronelli, Alexander and Marcos arrive without
preparation prior to the Dakar
, since none of the two brothers has
disputed any evidence prior to the raid more hard of the world. Both
they rely on their memories and their experience for have a good role,
although the hermanos Patronelli confess that are going to contest the race
as if for the first time
. A perspective very successful, but the
wary rivals. Rafal Sönik considers that the Patronelli are
a serious threat, by his mental strength to compete together.