The return of the GT: Opel could surprise in Geneva with a small sports

Opel has always been a brand with a lot of personality of its own within General Motors, and has always had sporting iconic in its range, already named it Calibra Turbo, Monza or Manta. But the most special of all responds to the simple name > . Launched in 1968, the small athletic propulsion – and less than 4 meters in length – has been one of the icons of design of the germans, and a vehicle recalled with special fondness. Inspired aesthetically in the Corvette, could be relaunched in just a few months.

According to the CEO Opel in Geneva will present a prototype that no one expects on the part of Opel. It is enigmatic, as little.

The rumor has spent years circulating on the Internet, but a recent announcement by the CEO of Opel Karl-Thomas Neumann – it could mean your presentation in just a few months ago, at the Geneva motor show. The CEO Opel we welcomed the Christmas just a few days ago and told us that 2016 will be a great year for Opel. A year full of innovations, among which are account a prototype surprising, a car that we would not expect from Opel. Are the words of the CEO of Opel, not our own. We’re intrigued.


The consensus of the specialized publications of the industry agrees on a new GT. According to AutoBild, sources close to the mark what would have been even confirmed. Do more tracks? Karl-Thomas Neumann has recently purchased a GT from the late 60’s and has even raced it in the rally of classic Berlin-Hamburg. The German was declared die-hard fan of the small sports, and if the rumors are true, the project of a new GT would be the whim staff of the leader of the brand.

Many sources speak of a new GT, a coupe with dynamic appearance and interior configuration 2+2.

With a source of sustainable revenue – the new Astra – to justify it, the prototype presented in Geneva would be the first stone of a new sporty, dynamic and elegant. There is talk that would use the platform modified Opel Astra, since there are no platforms propulsion of small size currently in General Motors. It would be a drive configured as a coupe, with two or three doors and an interior 2+2. Some already call him the “Scirocco” of Opel, but I think that is not correct.


Because it would not be unexpected for a Opel Astra GTC on the part of Opel. Yes it is more unexpected a coupe traditional or a sporty retro look. With an architecture of front-wheel-drive and front-engine transverse, it could have a power up to 300 HP, derived from the current engine range of the Opel Astra. what Someone has said Calibra? would Even be possible on the role the diesel version. But we are anticipating a lot. Let the CEO Opel will surprise us in march in Geneva. What will be the surprise?

Source: autoevolution
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