The return of Top Gear comes full of shadows, and a few lights. Is there still hope?

just two days Ago took place the emission of the first chapter of the new Top Gear. The program of car most cost-effective and famous on the planet, without the trio of presenters that made him famous. If you want to follow the adventures of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, in a few months will start The Grand Tour on Amazon. But it is time to talk about Top Gear, premiered format, presenters, and challenges. Then there are spoilers of the first chapter of the season 23 Top Gear. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you stop reading right now.

I miss more chemistry between the presenters. Chris Evans seems to have a great desire for prominence.

The format of the new Top Gear is relatively different from that of the old Top Gear. Still using a study as a base of operations, but instead of having three presenters, have a dynamic duo. Chris Evans and the well-known american actor Matt LeBlanc. From the first moment, the attitude and the behavior of the british seem forced, and yells too much. If to this we join all the criticism and bad press generated by his person before the premiere, the prospects do not seem too promising for this voice driver.

top-gear-estudioAt least Joey Tribbiani makes up for with its humor and good to do in front of the camera defects of Chris Evans. Am I being a little hard? Perhaps the expectations generated by the return of Top Gear were too large, and the bar of their predecessors, much too high. Be that as it may, after a brief presentation on the study, begins a program which the first segment is a battle between the bestial Dodge Viper ACR and the Corvette Z06. Two sports of pure strain that are facing a battle in the airfield of Top Gun.

At least The Stig is still making its star appearance, and have retained the table of fastest laps at the airfield of Dunsfold.

A reference to a cultural ideal, a movie and two machines impressive. With a bad run, in which Chris Evans tells us more curiosities than a search of 10 seconds on Google brings us. Your Dodge Viper faces the Corvette Z06 of Sabine Schmitz. The German driver does add freshness to the sketch, in a battle that seeks to mimic the duel between two aircraft. But for some reason, which always “suck camera” is the English, in addition to be the winner – clearly agreed to in a script.

corvette-z06-top-gear what Entertains? Not too much, and it is clear that Chris Evans not know how to talk at the same time that pilot a car. Nothing wrong with the photo of Top Gear, which continues to hold the quality and inventiveness of always, verging to a level really high. After this first sketch, it would be the turn of the news, which personally seemed to me entertaining and witty with the trio calavera. The new Top Gear ignores the news, relegándolas Extra Gear, a kind of face B, which have been intended for the time to Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

I hope that Chris Harris and Rory Reid appear in Top Gear and not be relegated to the Extra Gear. They have real talent, and not taking advantage of.

In substitution, it is the turn of “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car”. The new Top Gear has replaced a star for two, which are distributed round robin of questions about cars, and a kind of “applause-o-meter” with which the site who has or has had better vehicles. Frankly flat and boring. Maybe Jessee Eisenberg and Gordon Ramsey are not the stars more appropriate, but you would agree with me that Jeremy Clarkson always brought a lot more tip to celebrities. I think the interview format, double is not accurate.

estrellas-top-gearAfter the interview, the celebrities are put behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper prepared for Rallycross. Since it is not a return to the circuit in a cheap car, it is a return to a circuit rallycross that linked parts of asphalt with portions of the gravel, and includes both a jumping and a section flooded. a Lot more spectacular, taking into account that the MINI has both ABS and ESP switched off. It was the turn then of Matt LeBlanc, proving a fantastic Ariel Nomad in the burning desert of Morocco.

The track rallycross to the famous is a point in favour of the new Top Gear, and provides some spark to a program of far too flat.

in Addition to talking about the car, it had to simulate escaping from several paparazzi, equipped with bikes, a powered paragliding, and a drone. Matt manages to entreter and inform at the same time, and note that you have tables in front of a camera. Throughout the programme there is a pique between the united States and Great Britain, so that set a classic challenge between the hosts to find a winner. The first part of the challenge is in drive two Reliant Robin between London and the coastal resort of Blackpool.

reliant-robin-top-gearIf what they wanted is to break with the old Top Gear, a Reliant Robin is not the right coach. One of the best sketch of Clarkson was taking place aboard a Reliant Robin, prepared to dump at the time most unexpected. What’s next, a caravan? In this case, we simply have led by the highway to Blackpool, with little drama or jokes genuine. note that lack of chemistry between the presenters. Where have you been teasing and chanzas of the trio calavera? Perhaps with a number of challenges to solve their problems of living together and entertain the audience.

“And on that bombshell…” begins Matt LeBlanc at the end of the chapter, with Chris Evans stopping to say “I don’t do that.” Please.

Using a Willys Jeep and a Land Rover Defender trying to animate the show with a slow drag race and trailer of a few vans stuck on the beach. Only the ascent of a mountain, muddy towing two Reliant Robin manages to provide a little hope for Top Gear, at the end of a chapter, which was frankly disappointing. At least, that is my opinion after investing an hour of my time in front of the screen. Not all are critical: I think that there is still a great potential.

top-gear-defender-willysMatt is a great presenter and his sections are fun. Chris Evans is directly insufferable, and it is not at all funny, it is a forced and unnatural. Perhaps these early reviews make them react and to vary the format in successive episodes, but I’m afraid you all must be already recorded. A positive surprise has been the Extra Gear. A “B-side” half-hour in which the journalists of the engine, Rory Reid, and the legendary Chris Harris to tell us some details and secrets about the new Top Gear.

Extra Gear has been a very positive surprise, and it is more entertaining and informative than Top Gear, with a lot of difference.

Chris Harris returns to entanglement with a swift return to the track of Top Gear on board the Ariel Nomad, and Rory Reid makes a brief segment of the news with him. Interview briefly a british comedian and make a guided visit to the home of Sabine Schmitz, who has some details about his Porsche 911 and competition winners. Although Harris seems somewhat stiff, the 30-minute ExtraGear have been much more entertaining that the hour of Top Gear, with a lot of difference.

extra-gearWhen the B-side is better than the single, something goes wrong. I think that Top Gear has potential, but this first chapter has shown that the chemistry between the presenters and the humor thug made famous by the trio skull have disappeared. The Grand Tour premieres in a few months, do not worry. But what is certain is that this new Top Gear let me down. Fifth Gear has ceased to be issued, and Tiff Needell is unemployed. Why don’t we change for Chris Evans?