The review plan rigged Volkswagen TDI will begin in October

Volkswagen is presenting, with a dropper, the roadmap to follow in the diesel crisis. Time is running out. The concern of customers is obvious, just look at the comments that flood the web and other media over the last week we reported the matter. Authorities seek responsibilities, and as is becoming evident these days, nor in Germany, its home, find a partner for a really serious and troubling issue for Volkswagen and the automobile industry. Given this scenario, Volkswagen asks days, probably weeks, to proceed to correct a situation that never should have been reached , starting with the recall of the affected vehicles. They are committed to providing a calling plan review before the end of October .

Before the end of October we will know the plan to be followed by Volkswagen and the plan calls for review to follow will be presented.

According to Volkswagen, its internal investigation revealed that eleven million Group vehicles, of which about five million would correspond only with models of the Volkswagen brand, would be affected. Among them, the Model Year such popular models as the first generation of Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Golf sixth and seventh of the Volkswagen Passat. Models equipped with engines approved as Euro VI would not be affected.

Volkswagen report over the coming weeks to all customers whose cars are affected , and will provide more details on the revision required for your vehicle.

The latter statement intended to calm down before a really difficult situation. Recall that in countries like Switzerland, Belgium and Spain has stopped the sale of certain affected models . In Spain they would have withdrawn from the market, temporarily, over 3,000 vehicles manufactured before the entry into force of the Euro VI, still had diesel engines affected by this crisis.

volkswagen-tdi-llamada-a-revision-iniciara-octubre1 not in Germany, not take too many licenses could well be defined as judge and jury in this matter, have been able to avoid reacting to one of the most serious cases the industry has faced. Recall that the German state of Lower Saxony is one of the major shareholders of Volkswagen Group. Still, Germany has given the brand deadline until next October 7 to clarify a truly worrisome situation.

The lack of information and data is generating situations of uncertainty such as the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain . Today Minister Jose Manuel Soria came to say that Volkswagen will ask the return of subsidies plan PIVE received by customers in recent years. One issue that a priori would have nothing to do with the fraud of TDI , which looked exactly the trick reduce emissions of NOx, CO and not 2 (which is which defines the requirements for a model to be compatible with aid).

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