The revisions to remedy the Dieselgate are giving you trouble in the UK

Volkswagen Group, since the discovery of the Dieselgate, has taken the time that has been estimated timely to solve the problem. In a mechanical remedy has been linked to patches and electronic in others has been linked to small corrections mechanical. According to them, all solutions that have been developed to solve the dieselgate do not pose a detriment to the vehicle, but many customers are reluctant to bring their cars to the service official to carry out this intervention.

The scandal has been of a global dimension and as is logical, the solutions found are being implemented in these moments. United Kingdom is one of the countries that also have been harmed for this problem, but it seems that here the solutions of the Volkswagen Group are not having the effect they expected. As has been reported Auto Express, thousands of owners of the affected models who have gone through the workshop to perform this reset are having problems with their cars.

This means appointment to a law firm Harcus Sinclair, as a source of information. According to this law office of the 9.500 owners who have already gone through the technical service Volkswagen, about 5 thousand are having problems. Of this number of people affected, half (approximately) have consumption problems (more than usual), a 41 percent complain that the power and acceleration of your car is less, and another 14 percent complain that their car will lose acceleration when it travels at low speed (about 30 mph).

By these mechanical problems, have decided to to file a class-action lawsuit against the Volkswagen Group. This new setback for the German conglomerate has 40 thousand affected owners, so that is not a document that can be stored in a drawer. As stated by Damon Parker, Head of Harcus Sinclair

“these results show that the solution for to reduce the NOx emissions may in fact have a detrimental impact for the performance of the car and the running costs”

Will have to see how it fits the Volkswagen Group this new setback, but surely not they will be liked to the least. For now, the Selection Committee of Transport English, has asked the German conglomerate that does not follow by applying these corrections until it is proven what problems they are creating and if you can re-solve.

Source – Auto Express

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