The Rezvani Beast Alpha is seen in this teaser prior to your arrival

Rezvani Beast AlphaAlthough it is still quite unknown, Rezvani is a small manufacturer with headquarters Texas (united States). In their range they currently have the Rezvani Beast, a sporty lightweight, radical, and of small dimensions. Now it seems that you are going to present a new variant, the Rezvani Beast Alpha, which will seek greater comfort. See the light on 16 November in the city of Los Angeles.

The Rezvani Beast is a vehicle so extreme that no account practically any type of equipment luxury. Its austerity we could see in these images of its interior. The Beast Alpha will bring in some elements such as the air conditioning, electric windows, airbag, or the ceiling type targa removable. Still will remain pretty spartan, but there will be more options for those who use it in their day-to-day.

Rezvani Beast Alpha teaserFor the moment we have only been able to see a teaser that shows your tire. Although apparently, Rezvani will also change its exterior appearance concerning the Beast. It apparently will continue to be quite extreme but there will be some changes. The sketch shown could correspond to its silhouette, although it will still wait to meet him. chassis will be carbon fiber so that its weight does not increase too much.

In regards to your engine, uses the same biturbo engine of 2.4 litres of origin Honda that in its normal version reaches 500 HP, and in version X developed 700 HP. Of series comes with a manual change of six speeds, although you can optionally equip an automatic gearbox sequential. Still we do not know the benefits the Rezvani Beast Alpha, but surely you continue to be amazing.

Source – Rezvani