The Rimac Concept_One shows their traction capabilities in this video

Rimac Concept_Onefew days Ago I brought a video in which Rimac showed the power the acceleration of its Concept_One. The scene came to confirm the number of acceleration declared by the brand, a very long set that I got to beat a supercar electric. Now they are coming back with another video, this time, focuses on his extraordinary capacity of traction. And is that recorded at Rimac Concept_One going up a slope that not all the SUV’s would be able to conquer.

quite Frankly, we are impressed with the large capacities that demonstrates the Rimac Concept_One. This supercar eléctico comes stomping from a few months ago, facing off against models from the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari or the Tesla Model S P90D, and coming out victorious from these confrontations. Already we were blown away with the power he demonstrated in a video published by Mate Rimac, CEO of the company, where it accelerated to the fund from a standing start. Now we are left with the mouth open with the scene that records the electrical going up a slope.

Rimac Concept One vs Ferrari LaFerrarialthough, this feat has taken place in Pebble Beach, what better place to prove his qualities right? The Rimac Concept_One is facing a steep slope and get to the top. From the top back down slowly, but without pause, ending with this demonstration.

For if ye not remember the Rimac Concept_One is a super sports car, electric with four motors of the same nature would be able to offer in conjunction to 1,000 horsepower. With them able to complete the 0-100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds, but best of all is that it reaches 300 km/h in 14.2 seconds. Figures that only the best supercars can be declared.

Source – Jalopnik