The Rinspeed Oasis has already made act of presence at CES

Rinspeed Oasis Concept

CES in Las Vegas 2017 has already been reached and many are the brands of cars that they are encouraged to present their developments and technology. However the bulk of these developments comes from the brands that will not spend to the automobile sector as a core business and now they want to enter. One of the brands that has had his minute of glory is Rinspeed with your urban super-connected Oasis.

The firm, which is dedicated to the restoration of historical vehicles and the design of prototypes, I wanted this technology meeting will serve as a basis to make your city more technological. The Oasis is a vehicle for two people that has been developed between the swiss firm and Harman and who has the technology enough to be driven manually or be completely autonomous.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept

This model has a wheelbase of 2,360 m and has a weight of only 1.100 kg. To be driven with two electric motors in the rear wheels that can travel between recharging about 100 miles. All this will be accompanied by a dashboard and interior design formed by two screens located in the shade, and a touch between the two seats.

The directors of the company have been informed that the interior of the urban Oasis has been developed to emulate a comfortable living room in which travellers can move around from one place to another without having to worry about more than packing. In addition, from the central screen that there is between the seats will be able to control the driving parameters thanks to technology for recognizing gestures and a voice assistant based on the Microsoft Cortana.

The Oasis be a car will be fully connected to the network as well as to social networks and profiles that the driver has assets. In addition, since its inner passengers will be able to to see and use apps to listen to music or even know the status of the minute weather as well as the traffic situation in real time. Another of the practical applications that can have the model is that allows the driver to choose between three positions for your seat and steering wheel, among which are work mode, mode driving mode and relaxation.

A vehicle very to keep in mind for the future of global mobility.

Source – Rinspeed