The rising price of fuel in Mexico to promote green cars

combustible PEMEX

The other day I we reported how one of the countries that have the largest number of barrels of oil produced a year will rise more the price of the fuels to their fellow citizens. Mexico, when in the year 2017 you will see increased the price of gasoline and diesel in an average 14 percent, however, the discontent does not decrease by a lot of authorities say it is for the good of the population.

This upload attack fully to the economy and to the purchasing power mexicans and will make the car fleet continue to increase their age. The reason is obvious since the mexican economy is not at its best moment and if the car prices go up and the fuel also, drivers will not be thinking in change car in the short term.

combustible PEMEX

however, as they say, there is that find the positive point of things and much to our dismay, that this rise in price of fuel in Mexico seems to have its counterpoint positive. According to the Mexican Association of Distributors of vehicles (AMDA) the increase of the prices of the fuels will help to ensure that customers like to hybrid vehicles and more respectful with the environment.

Guillermo Rosales, deputy director of the AMDA believes that in a first time the market will not change the current trend in sale of new cars. However, in the face of a future could serve as a stimulus, coming accompanied by subsidies provided by the government, so that drivers from Mexico are inclined to acquire vehicles powered by fuels and energies alternative to the derivatives of the oil.

Will have to see how the mexicans to take this climb and how the government solves this problem. In the meanwhile, as the saying goes “when you see the beards of your neighbor peel, put yours to soak” so that what will happen to us in Spain when the clock strikes 00:01 in the evening.

Happy new Year.

Source – Mexican Association of Distributors of vehicles (AMDA)