The roads that absorb the pollution closer to being a reality

roads that absorb pollution could become a reality sooner than we thought. The plan of R & D conducted in the United Kingdom is to cover the highways with a few slices in the shape of a tunnel. The material with which they are made is low cost and has the ability to absorb the emissions of both cars diesel as gasoline.

The trials that have been doing from 2015 in a stretch of 100 meters in the north of England have shown very positive results. In 2016, was expanded in size from 4 to 6 meters in height and began to be used in this polymer material with the ability to absorb the oxides of nitrogen, who have given that talk in the cases of manipulation of emissions.

Roads that absorb the pollution but… what about the electrical?

Thanks to these good results the plan has received the green light to continue the investigations. Even still it is far from to know if will be implemented in this type of tunnels of the polymer. More if possible, taking into account the efforts that are being made to develop electric mobility with cars like the Tesla Model 3, or the movements they are doing in that direction by large brands such as BMW with its future Series 3 electric or Mercedes with its 10 electric models by 2022. Even so, the work on the development of this material does not fall in sack broken, since that could be used in other areas where it may be more effective as factories or thermal power plants.

The research on the roads that absorb pollution is not the only one that has in progress the Agency of Roads of the Uk. Form part of a package of projects that includes 10 other measures, many of them in better line with the trend to stop using engines of fossil fuels and therefore most likely to have practical applications. Among them are the modernization of the fleet of heavy vehicles, the increase in the number of charging stations for electric vehicles and encouraging the use of vans electric for the light transport.

Image – AdamKR

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