The Roborace boasts DevBot in Marrakech


despite not getting time for exercise of ‘opening act’ of the Formula E in the first ePrix of the season 2016-17, the Roborace follows its course and this competition devised for autonomous vehicles is taking giant steps to become reality as soon as possible. This was evident in the last ePrix of Marrakech, where the development team of the competition successfully completed a test with the DevBot, the model evidence on which to sustain the autonomous cars on the that will work on the computers. The prototype gave a total of 12 laps at the Moulay El-Hassan International Street Circuit.

After a first ‘track demo’ with a pilot on board, the DevBot continued rolling without a crew for a total of 12 laps in which it was increasing its pace, all without any kind of human help from the inside or the outside of the vehicle and without any mishap worth mentioning, despite the complexity of the path. However, one of the great virtues that has DevBot is its ability to gradually increase the speed as it analyzes some of the key points of a competition circuit as is the grip, the state of the asphalt or the incidence of the pianos.

despite the large step of this test, the engineers of Roborace do not want to set a date for the official debut of the DevBot in competition and will continue to be doing several test over the current season of the Formula E with the occasion of some of the ePrix that make up the calendar. In this aspect, it is even unlikely that DevBot compete during this season as it is not the same to put in liza a prototype of a considerable size, with appendices in carbon fiber, and an electric thruster that do compete at high speed about twenty units simultaneously.