The Roborace gives a step (stumble) in Buenos Aires


The particular calendar of the Formula E and more than three
months of inactivity
that has lived the competition cars electric have
subtracted perspective on the evolution of the Roborace, but what is certain is that
this competition of electric cars and autonomous continues to advance and so it was
patent in the ePrix of Buenos Aires, although with nuances. However, by
the first time two units of the DevBot rolled together in the capital of argentina, although
it is still early to talk about a career as such. In fact, the two DevBot
they seemed to be programmed to maintain a wide margin between the two.

The two DevBot was given several laps to high-speed
path of Puerto Madero without having any kind of assistance of a pilot
and they did it by throwing interesting data. However, the technicians of the
Roborace confirmed that the maximum speed reached by one of the DevBot was
of 184 km/h
, a record more than considerable for a car without a pilot. Without
however, not all were good news in that the the second DevBot ended the
test with an accident
. The schedule that I had this
car could not avoid the end impacting against the barriers in one of the
faster cornering of the path of argentina.

Although in marketing terms, this accident assumes a ‘slap’ to the Roborace, since it is not too attractive to see a
autonomous car to hit the wall, what is certain is that this accident is a good
symptom, because it means that technicians are looking for the limits of the DevBot
and of artificial intelligence
. In the end, that is the essence of the first contest
intended for autonomous vehicles, while the attractiveness of the Roborace will be
different computers with the same car get imposed on the rest through
the development of a software that is more complete at the level of decision