The Roborace presents the final version of the Robocar


With the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Roborace has submitted the first version to real scale of the Robocar, the first electric car and self-competition. This model, very similar to the renders that have been published, the promoter of the championship in the last few months, away from the Ginetta LMP3, which has been used as a mule of tests to develop the ai of the future Robocar. The futuristic image of this vehicle is one of the keys for a competition that brings together the best software engineers in the world to compete under the umbrella of the Formula E.

With the support of brands, manufacturers, and companies such as Michelin, NVIDIA, DHL, Visa or Allianz, the Roborace is laying a solid foundation to build the first championship of electric vehicles without a pilot, that their similarities will be held, sharing the track with Formula E. The general idea is to have a total of ten teams, with two Robocar each one, in a battle in which the differences will not be in the decisions of the pilots, but in the software developed by each team and in the decision making of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will fly autonomously. mechanically all cars will be identical.


The Robocar is designed by Kinetik, has a weight of 975 pounds, measures five metres long and two wide. It has four electric motors of 300 kiloavatios associated individually to each of the wheels. According to the data offered by the developer of the Roborace, this power train power associated with a battery of 540 kW will allow you to reach a top speed of 320 km/h. For its part, the part associated with the driving autonomous is controlled by an NVIDIA GPU, specifically the most powerful on the market. The ‘Drive ‘ PX2’ is capable of handling up to 24 trillion operations per second.

This huge capacity of data processing will
analyze all the information collected by 18 ultrasonic sensors, 12
cameras or the two speed sensors
that furnishes, in addition to all the
radar systems, obstacle detection and GPS is equipped with the Robocar to
to be able to be controlled by an AI autonomous. Without a doubt, the best support for a
new way of understanding the races in the the evolutionary race will be
software level
and in which engineers will be able to achieve the
limits with their own programs of artificial intelligence.