The rookie Arjun Maini boss of Formula 2, and Kari repeated in GP3


The second and penultimate day of testing in Abu Dhabi has opened up to an unexpected debut as the pilot faster in Formula 2. Arjun Maini, the tenth in the classification of GP3 last year, and that was competing with Russian Time after to do with Trident on the first day, I got in the evening session the fastest time with a time of 1:48.645. Paradoxically, the indian driver finished better in this session than in the morning, where he achieved the fifth best time before all of your times to be invalidated, because their car did not meet the minimum weight.

Maini has been the first man to win in this week’s test at Louis Delétraz, the fastest in the first day, and he led the morning session with a 1:49.134. In the evening, the swiss finished in second position, less than 60 mils, and to lead many others to the other two pilots that went from 1:49, Alexander Albon, who also finished behind him in the morning session, and Nyck de Vries. Lando Norris maintains its good line on the first day to finish in fifth position, ahead of Santino Ferrucci, Jack Aitken and Nicholas Latifi, the third fastest in the morning.

On another day rather busy of turns, and without red flags, Tadasuke Makino completed a day’s very compelling in the second Russian Time, being fourth in the morning and ninth all-time with his time of the afternoon, rolling faster than the former occupant of the car, Oliver Rowland, who tested with Racing Engineering in place of Norman Nato and closed the top 10. The british has been one of the three news of the day, next to Pietro Fittipaldi and Julien Falcherò. The brazilian, winner of the last edition of the Formula V8 3.5, it has been 18 testing for Trident, while the French, 15th this year in GP3, has been next-to-last in the overall day to Arden, where a substitute for a Ralph Boschung that has been tested for MP Motorsport.


The batches of GP3 followed a similar script to the previous day to be held both under the light of the day, being the morning likewise helps the afternoon by the difficulties involved in the evening. Something that also changed was the name that commanded the classification, the Finnish Niko Kari, who continues his good week with MP Motorsport to the command with a 1:54.733 obtained by the morning, which exceeded by nearly four-tenths on his nearest rival, Leonardo Pulcini. The Italian led the event, the afternoon session with a time slightly worse than the one that earned him the second absolute position.

Callum Ilott was the second pilot fastest of the afternoon session, but his best time was 23 thousandths of the Pedro Piquet, the rookie fastest of the day, that ended in fifth position behind his team mate garage on Trident, Giuliano Alesi. His other coequipier, Alessio Lorandi, was the sixth fastest on a Nikita Mazepin, who was also one of the fastest in the afternoon. With their times of the morning, Jehan Daruvala, David Beckmann and Jake Hughes, that caused the second red flag of the day after caused by Juan Manuel Correa in the morning, completed the top 10. For their part, the three news of the day (Ben Hingeley, Max Defourny and Louis Gachot) ended in the last four positions, with problems in the afternoon in the case of the last.


For the third and final day of the test, there will be notable changes in the lineups. Luca Ghiotto returns to the second MP Motorsport occupied by Boschung today and Fittipaldi is passed to Arden instead of Falcherò, while their position on Trident occupied by Antonio Fuoco, a former pilot of Prema. For its part, Nato will take the second Rapax replacing René Binder, and two riders will make their debut at the wheel of the GP2/11 on the last day of validity of this single-seater: Leonardo Pulcini in Fields, replacing Michael Dörrbecker, and Thiago Vivacqua in Racing Engineering, taking Maximilian Günther.

meanwhile, in GP3, there will be noticeable movement of riders between teams: ART aligned to Gabriel Aubry, which tested the first day for MP Motorsport in place of a Tatiana Calderon who happens to Jenzer. The pilot ‘low’, David Beckmann, will be one of the three developments of a Burn that renews full, next to Dorian Boccolacci and a Falcherò that ‘returns’ to its category as usual. Two of the pilots of Arden, today, Ferdinand Habsburg and Will Palmer, will test for Trident in place of Leonard Hoogenboom and Niko Kari who will close the test occupying the place of Pulcini in Fields.

Test Formula 2 in Abu Dhabi, day 2

Pos. Piloto Equipo Session 1 Session 2 Turns
1 Arjun Maini (R) RUSSIAN TIME (1:49.725) 1:48.645 42
2nd Louis Delétraz MP Motorsport 1:49.134 1:48.703 50
3rd Alexander Albon DAMS 1:49.178 1:48.741 52
4th Nyck de Vries PREMA Racing 1:54.296 1:48.769 70
5th Lando Norris (R) Campos Racing 1:49.780 1:49.005 62
6th Santino Ferrucci Trident 1:52.691 1:49.027 67
7th Jack Aitken (R) ART Grand Prix 1:52.901 1:49.232 66
8th Nicholas Latifi DAMS 1:49.532 1:49.264 58
9th Tadasuke Makino (R) RUSSIAN TIME 1:49.654 1:49.312 53
10th Oliver Rowland Racing Engineering 1:50.875 1:49.344 54
11th George Russell (R) ART Grand Prix 1:53.108 1:49.353 68
12 Ralph Boschung MP Motorsport 1:49.883 1:49.430 30
13th Guanyu Zhou (R) Rapax 1:50.122 1:49.592 48
14th Maximilian Günther (R) Racing Engineering 1:50.581 1:49.623 61
15 René Binder Rapax 1:50.055 1:49.649 58
16th Nirei Fukuzumi (R) Arden International 1:52.984 1:49.779 72
17 Sean Gelael PREMA Racing 1:54.732 1:49.959 76
18 Pietro Fittipaldi (R) Trident 1:51.039 1:50.102 66
19th Julien Falcherò (R) Arden International 1:51.344 1:50.824 56
20th Michael Dörrbecker (R) Campos Racing 1:52.208 1:51.864 55

Test of the GP3 Series in Abu Dhabi, day 2

Pos. Piloto Equipo Session 1 Session 2 Turns
1 Niko Kari MP Motorsport 1:54.733 1:55.539 61
2nd Leonardo Pulcini Campos Racing 1:55.120 1:55.210 45
3rd Giuliano Alesi Trident 1:55.374 1:55.514 52
4th Pedro Piquet (R) Trident 1:55.375 1:55.706 57
5th Callum Ilott (R) ART Grand Prix 1:55.520 1:55.398 60
6th Alessio Lorandi Trident 1:55.401 1:55.660 61
7th Nikita Mazepin (R) ART Grand Prix 1:56.341 1:55.457 60
8th Jehan Daruvala (R) Arden International 1:55.472 1:55.815 61
9th David Beckmann (R) Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.672 1:55.885 49
10th Jake Hughes ART Grand Prix 1:55.743 1:59.202 30
11th Ryan Tveter Trident 1:55.992 1:55.903 58
12 Gabriel Aubry (R) ART Grand Prix 1:55.985 1:56.091 65
13th Leonard Hoogenboom (R) MP Motorsport 1:55.994 1:56.167 59
14th Juan Manuel Correa Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.358 1:56.108 54
15 Simo Laaksonen (R) Campos Racing 1:56.171 1:56.135 62
16th , Will Palmer (R) Arden International 1:56.301 1:56.439 56
17 Ben Hingeley (R) Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.814 1:56.313 60
18 Ferdinand Habsburg (R) Arden International 1:56.409 1:56.680 59
19th Max Defourny (R) MP Motorsport 1:56.505 1:56.662 49
20th Louis Gachot (R) Campos Racing 1:57.419 1:58.122 31