The rotary engine Skyactiv-R Mazda, closer than ever

Deportivo Mazda Salón de TokioThat, yes, there, the arrival of the new sport Mazda it seems almost a matter of faith. Or seemed to. A few days ago, Mazda announced the arrival of a new sports model in the conceptual phase for the Hall of Tokyo, and now your engine is the protagonist. It will be rotary, so that the back of the RX you will need all the sense in the world, and in addition will respond to the name of Skyactiv-R.

The boys of Coach claim that some statements of Kiyoshi Fujiwara, the director of research and development of the brand, point to the return of the rotary engine to the ranks of Mazda. We think that the sport is already confirmed and that will materialize in Tokyo with the prototype that we have promised.

Mazda RX-7Skyactiv-R will be the name, or so it seems, that you will receive the engine, following with the family of technologies Skyactiv that has quickly spread its range. Therefore, it will be the engine of last generation, with all of the latest technologies to fuel-saving potential, but on a rotating basis. This is just the icing on the cake.

have to wait to unveil the surprise and have the data in hand. Will have to see how he has managed Mazda to revive rotary motor that, by volume and regulations, anti-pollution, up to the mark I gave for dead. We do not know neither power data, something important given that it will be a motor sports.

Will be mounted, presumably into the mysterious prototype that Mazda will show in the Living in Tokyo, and that we don’t know neither image nor name. Yes, we know, by the silhouette of the teaser, which will be a nod to the family RX, with many stylish details that point directly and without hesitation to the last Mazda RX-7.

Source – Coach