The rumor of the day: BMW and Lexus work together to create a pair of supercars

Rumors become paired together BMW with a new signature to address the development of a new superderportivo. Weeks ago it was said that the German firm could have groped to McLaren to give life to a new performance car now, the gossips, that the link could be with Lexus speak.

Lexus model would use a derived Toyota mechanics TS040 , the car with which the Japanese firm runs in Le Mans.

Auto Express is the charge to warn of this possibility, pointing to the two companies would be immersed in the development of a prototype mid-engine and full traction would be developed on an aluminum structure and carbon fiber .

This mechanical in central provision would a hybrid configuration in which an electric charge of whole front end and hindquarters gasoline engine, a configuration which, remember, and we are in the BMW i8 .

For the model with the insignia BMW we would find a propeller of inline 6-cylinder tuned by BMW M , as for example we are in the BMW M3 . For the Lexus this would be a mechanism that would derive from the employee by the Toyota V8 TS040 running in Le Mans.

Thus BMW comply with the rumors that speak to a great sport to commemorate 100 years of the brand while Lexus happen in style to Lexus LFA . In practice we have heard many rumors about the hypothetical supercar BMW as the successor to the Lexus LFA that we can only be cautious.

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