The rumors of the Dacia Duster 7-seater gaining strength

Dacia Duster Blackshadow

about a month Ago I talked about a rumor that had reached our ears, referring to the possible arrival of a Dacia Duster and able to accommodate up to 7 occupants with a higher dimensions. It seems that this rumor is gaining more momentum and, as reported by our colleagues Auto Express, it is likely that will reach the market in the year 2018, a few months after the start of the marketing of the new Dacia Duster.

The Dacia Duster has had a good level of sales in the market and is, fortunately for the brand of Romanian origin belonging to Renault, economic crisis has benefited both the company and the model itself. The lower purchasing power, or the fear that was seen as markedly reduced, has caused many clients to seek this type of more economical vehicles. We must also say that the Dacia Duster, in its version 4×4, surpasses most SUVs in behavior offroad.

Dacia Duster Blackshadow

Dacia will begin the renewal of its crossover at the end of this year 2017. Likely improve their quality in terms of finishes and enter more technology although not to excess, as it may be that the sale price to the public is adversely increased. Its outward appearance will be improved and surely this Dacia Duster will be in charge of opening a new design language that subsequently will be extended to the rest of models of the brand.

Auto Express says in his publication that the model of 7-seater, that might be called Dacia Grand Duster will take the same platform as his brother of the 5-seater, although you will see slightly augmented their battle so as to permit a greater space in the cabin. Also will grow its total length in each 20 cm to be close to 4.7 meters, although we can expect that the variant of 5 squares will receive a greater dimension over the current model.

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Presumably the volume of cargo will be enhanced, and may be around 500 litres in the Dacia Duster and about 150 liters in the Dacia Grand Duster when its third row of seats is folded.

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