The rush of Volkswagen and the testings of Toyota


it Is clear that Volkswagen Motorsport has taken the step to his Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 to compete under private hands. A change of philosophy that has been set in the last days and that it forces the German firm to face negotiations ‘express’ to put in a good nice to their offspring. Nasser Al-Attiyah with the budget qatari seems to be the best positioned, even if the mark is handles other options. All in all, the process should speed up because the registration deadline for the Rally Monte carlo is closed on the 16th of December and the homologation of World Rally Car German will be the 1 January.

In this aspect, Volkswagen Motorsport will not only have to come to an agreement with the private computer in question, but with the FIA to grant a ‘bull’ that allow to compete to a private computer that is not serving as a manufacturer with a World Rally Car of new generation. All in all, the German brand is willing to subcontract part of the technical team who has worked in the Volkswagen Polo R WRC from 2017 to manage these units, so it certainly would make life easier for the private computer that you do with your management, target that Nasser Al-Attiyah has already confessed as yours.

in spite of this, Nasser Al-Attiyah is not the only option that handles Volkswagen, despite being the best-placed of the 17% of the shareholding is in the hands of capital, qatari and for the good relations of the pilot with Volkswagen and Red Bull, it might as well be the third pillar of the project. However, Mads Ostberg with the equipment Adapts Motorsport and Lorenzo Bertelli also could launch this adventure according to ‘Rallye-Magazin’. In both cases there is a sound budgetary basis and the firm proposal to compete with a World Rally Car of new generation.


in the meantime, and as another part of the shaft that you can decide on the market of pilots, Toyota Gazoo Racing is also hurries up the deadlines, although in this case, on the asphalt. Although just subtract days for the Toyota Yaris WRC acquires its definitive settings to meet with your approval, the team directed by Tommi Mäkinen is facing a new test with your World Rally Car and with Juho Hänninen at the wheel. Perhaps the most surprising of these tests because they are not your dates, but Toyota Gazoo Racing has released a new spoiler with a large curvature.

A test that can deliver two readings. The first is that the team has not yet found the exact settings that make the Toyota Yaris WRC car to the height of their rivals, something that could well be because Sébastien Ogier ended not very satisfied with the performance of the car in his brief test in Tarragona. By contrast, the computer might be doing the last test comparative and having the package final prepared. All in all, the filing date of your project is about, as Toyota Gazoo Racing will throw light on your Toyota Yaris WRC final and their drivers, the 13 of December.