The Saab 9-3 will have a new life in Turkey

Saab 9-3 NEVSDefinitely, the Saab 9-3 is a car that refuses to die. Started its manufacturing in the year of 2002 when the Swedish brand still belonged to General Motors. It was a model of relative success that arose with other models such as the Cadillac BLS. The Saab 9-3 was the only model that left the mark after that, NEVS bought Saab to General Motors. The business plan of NEVS was to revitalize the moribund Saab with variants of petrol and power of this sedan.

But the Saab 9-3 still has a way to go. The Turkish government wants to encourage the auto industry native, launching a new sedan based on the 9-3. For this reason, the country has purchased the intellectual property of the Saab 9-3, which will leverage to develop locally a new model that does not differ in excess of you already know, although not be sold under the brand Saab and will not use the name 9-3. Will be encompassed in a new Turkish brand, besides being the first car of Turkish origin. Despite the fact that many manufacturers are manufactured in Turkey, all are foreigners.

saab 9-3 turquía

The first prototypes have a great resemblance to the Cadillac BLS

With this new model, supported from the Turkish government, they want to make homeland. In addition to creating a brand and develop the model in house, 85% of the components that will form part of this car will be locally produced. NEVS will be in charge of Turkey at the time of establishing a business plan and advising on the day-to-day production.

The Turkish government had two options to develop their own automotive industry. Start from scratch was more complicated and expensive, so they decided to resort to a third party, in this case NEVS, so from a consolidated basis. Has not revealed the price of the operation, but the Minister of Industry, steam has said that it has been a operation affordable, something logical, taking into account the delicate financial situation of NEVS, that this injection of capital will come in handy.

For the time being since they have released the first three prototypes of this car based on the Saab 9-3. Even with camouflage, it is curious that the design of the front closely resembles that of the Cadillac BLS. The design has been developed by NEVS together with engineers of the department of development of science and technology in Turkey, the TÜBITAK.

Source – Hurriyet Daily News

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