The sadness embodied is this BMW M1 in the year 1981, with only 682 miles

supercars are high-tech machines, designed to withstand very high forces and perform a step by curve amazing. Some, however, prefer to treat them as investment instruments. An investment instrument whose value is linked either to their rarity, their historical significance – pedigree in competition, owners or memorable – or to your mileage. This latter case is the more sad, and is the one that concerns us today: it has been put to auction a BMW M1 of the year 1981 with only 682 miles. Even been able to finish the shoot.

The value of this BMW M1 is linked solely to the miles of your odometer.

engine M88 3.5 liters and 286 HP has gone a little over the distance that separates Barcelona from Madrid, and has not yet completed its process of filming. A car with 34 years behind him, who has travelled an average of 20 km per year. It will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s in New York, in the famous “Driven by Disruption”, in a few weeks. It is estimated that its selling price will be approximately $ 800,000, taking account of their state strictly original, its complete documentation, and what the hell, that is new.

In your engine or in your interior is not attributed to the passage of time, it is a perfect time capsule. A machine that has not lived a single curve at the Nürburgring or just a roadtrip through the swiss Alps. It is a car that has spent more time in containers, in warehouses and in garages is strictly air-conditioned. It is one of the supercars most iconic of the last decades and has spent the greater part of the time caged. Sad and alone, surrounded by queens garage and people who only valued as an investment instrument.

Each person is free to do with their cars what they want, but it seems to me a true sin not to enjoy it as it is because of the wonder that is a BMW M1. Take a look at its impressive design, in an inside of aspect neo-classical, a lever that longs to be moved and felt. A pointed engine with a beautiful sound that may not have seen a red line in his life. Keep clear, her future boss barely moves, for the same reason: their value resides in a few miles of his odometer.

At least, the time will preserve this jewel, and when someone want to enjoy it, will be in perfect shape to do so.

Source: Petrolicious
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