The sale of Marelli and some of them in danger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Magneti MarelliIn the month of August, we learned that the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars I wanted to do business with Samsung. The business was involved in the sale of all or part of Marelli and some of them. For those who don’t know I will say that is a subsidiary of the Group, FCA is dedicated to the design and manufacture of components for the car and the competition. The company was founded in the year 1919 and is currently one of the most important components of the world.

Their lines of business are very diverse and range from the design of lighting systems front and rear for cars. gearboxes manual and robotic. Suspension systems and shock absorbers. In addition, Marelli and some of them also designs exhaust systems, and competition that have as main destination the Formula 1, Moto GP and the World Rally Championship.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Magneti MarelliAccording to several sources, the sale of Marelli and some of them in favor of Samsung could be due to the need to obtain liquidity on the part of the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobile. This could allow Sergio Marchionne significantly reduce the group’s debt at the time to be able to continue with the planing of shoots for different brands of their group.

Thanks to this sale, Samsung could have access to lighting systems Marelli and some of them has developed. Also could make the jump to the platforms of info entertainment cars. This way you could overtake a lot of ground to its competitors when it comes to expanding their different lines of business, both in the field of consumer electronics and in the automotive sector.

The operation would be encrypted in some three billion euros. However, a stone has been crossed in the way from both companies. As we all know Samsung is going through a bad time to industrial level. The latest Galaxy Note 7, and its explosion of spontaneous, have made the company to lose much of its value in the bag , and hence could complicate the sale of Marelli and some of them.

By now none of the two companies has been pronounced, as we would have to close the value by which would perform the transaction as well as knowing what will happen to Samsung when you can solve the problem of its Galaxy Note 7.

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