The sales of electric in Spain are still without lifting the flight

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVelectric vehicles seems to not have much luck in Spain. Came and shocked, but not have managed to stay throughout this time. This is obvious as Spain it seems that is not prepared to receive you with open arms to this type of mobility. Its price is not yet within the reach of many families, their autonomy leads to more of a driver tachycardias and the time it takes to recharge your batteries invite you to have a lot of patience.

If these “small” problems he sums that since the institutions do not bet for this type of mobility we have a market dead. The aids that have been put in place, such as the now defunct Plan MOVEA, have not helped to transform a market that is not attractive to the customers. Also there is a commitment to create a network of roads connected, or that allow drivers to flow through them knowing that they will not remain pulled.

E-Mehari Styled By CourregesThis situation seems not going to change in the short and medium term since the current government’s been in office more than two hundred days, and your work capacity is very limited. However more and more drivers opt for this type of mobility and make the market grow even in very small amounts compared with the numbers that shows the sector. In the year so far, have already been enrolled 3.290 units, assuming a growth and 79.1 percent as compared with the same period last year.

If we focus on the car purely electric, the kings of the roost are the the Leaf of Nissan and the Kangoo Renault. Others, such as the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S get sales very correct considering the price they can achieve some of their versions. Brands such as Citroën or Mercedes-Benz are not very well positioned, but it is logical due to the type of electric vehicle that they have for sale.

however, if we observe the behavior of the plug-in hybrids or PHEVS the thing changes. This type of vehicles are considered by many to be electric, and so we will treat here of their sales. In this category of the market we have a greater variety to choose from, however only one model is able to sweep in sales. We talk about, as no, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

SUV hybrid nippon mark is able to get the colors to rivals as BMW X5 xDrive40e or Mercedes GLE350e. The reason is simple and is based on three pillars: size, price-to-equipment and economy of use. These qualities make him the ranking as the favourite of the public.

we Hope that both the government and the brands continue investing in electric cars and the market will grow at a good pace.

Source – Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks

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