The sales of new cars in Russia are still in free fall

Renault Kaptur RusiaThe sales of new vehicles in Russia continue a trend contrary to that by logic you should follow. Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and so by extension, as the volume of population and even, for certain models, the volume of per capita income should sell more units that you are enrolling. September is a new example of that the public is not the work of the purchase of new vehicles.

During the ninth month of the year have only been enrolled 125.568 vehicles new. This figure represents a drop compared to the same month of the previous year of 10.9 percent. If we focus on the first nine months of the year, during the first nine months of the year in the Russian market have been enrolled 1.020.932 of units new. However, and although it is over a million units represents a fall on last year of 14.4 percent.

Prueba Toyota RAV4 HybridIf we focus on the ten best selling models for September, the ranking would be as follows.

  1. Kia Rio: 8.014 units
  2. Lada Granta: 7.815 units
  3. Hyundai Solaris: 6.498 units
  4. Hyundai Crete: 5.058 units
  5. Volkswagen Polo: 4.631 units
  6. Lada Vesta: 4.375 units
  7. Renault Duster: 3.201 units
  8. Lada 4×4: 2.911 units
  9. Toyota Camry: 2.910 units
  10. Toyota Rav-4: 2.852 units

Looking at the behavior of the models that make up the ranking, we can see how the Hyundai Crete, in just two months leading to the sale has been cast in the fourth place. In addition, we can also see that of ten models, four are all paths so that is a segment that also makes all the rage among the Russian consumers.

If we set our eyes on the major brands on the market in September the ranking would be as follows.

  1. Lada: 22.837 units
  2. Hyundai: 14.200 units
  3. Kia: 13.398 units
  4. Renault: 10.474 units
  5. Toyota: 8.419 units
  6. Volkswagen: 7.022 units
  7. Nissan: 6.556 units
  8. GAZ: 4.930 units
  9. Skoda: 4.819 units
  10. UAZ: 4.220 units

In the first place, we have to Lada. The firm, a subsidiary of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, continues to occupy a prominent place in their domestic market. However, the Korean Hyundai and Kia are going to your hunt and should not get distracted too much. To mention the discreet position that reaches a Volkswagen with only seven thousand units registered, very far from the places to which you are accustomed.

Source – International Organization of vehicle manufacturers (OICA)