The school 4Motion Volkswagen back on the 17th of September in Madrid

VW Driving Experience 2in case you didn’t know, Volkswagen is one of the brands of cars that most driving courses launched throughout the year. All of them fall within the program Volkswagen Driving Experience and make the participants far can you go with a car, either in terms of sporty driving on asphalt, off-road driving or driving on ice and snow.

on Saturday 17 September, the German brand will celebrate a course of off-road driving of your Volkswagen Driving Experience. On this occasion will be held in Madrid, Aldea del Fresno, and will have as protagonists with the new Volkswagen Tiguan and the already-settled Volkswagen Touareg.

The objective of this course of the School 4Motion is to spend a day of fun pushing the limits of the capabilities of these two vehicles of the brand. With this, the participants will learn driving techniques for this type of situations in a high-security environment of the hand of expert instructors. In addition, they may to know and understand the operation of the wizards for driving off the asphalt of the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Volkswagen Touareg.

VW Driving ExperienceThe day will start with a theoretical part on the techniques of driving, taught by professional instructors, and demonstrations of use of the various aids. Later the participants will be those who get behind the wheel and discover first-hand the security gained, putting into practice the techniques learned, to be supervised at all times by the instructors.

Some of the systems and elements that will be used to improve the technique customers that there will be appointment will be the wizard of descent, traction control, differential lock, gearbox or air suspension. All of this for areas of steep slopes and surfaces of high inclination.

If you like the off-road can be a quotes very interesting to learn different techniques and be able to extract the maximum performance to your vehicle. In any case, this event is available both for customers and not customers of the brand, so if you are thinking about purchasing one of these cars you will not have a better way of checking their skills.

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