The Scion ai become a lowrider is insanity perfect to conquer the SEMA Show

SEMA starts in just a few days in Las Vegas. From the start has been a show characterized by the excesses, the madness that surrounds the world of tuning. It is for this reason that a simple Chevrolet Camaro with a pair of stickers is not the car to be more appropriate for the SEMA. The ideal car is more like this Scion ai. It is a utility of three volumes based on the Mazda2, which they have become a true lowrider. Crazy perfect that it looks like win our hearts in the imminent SEMA Show.

SEMA Show should be excessive. A simple Camaro production with stickers is not enough, Chevrolet.

Look to get started on your painting, more of the classic Chevrolet Impala of the 60’s or the typical Monte Carlo of the 80s. This subculture automotive is very popular in the latino communities of the west coast of the united States, and is already part of popular culture. This painting of warm hues that mimics wood, with golden tones. The wheels are spoked, and of small diameter – how could it be otherwise – with tires known as “white walls”, with the sides painted in white color.

have removed the mirrors and installed a huge calender gold on the front of the car. A calender of enormous dimensions that replaces the Scion, and that forms a perfect set with the mouldings of the pillars, with engravings included. If the exterior seems crazy, you have to see the appearance of the interior of the car, a true madness. Upholstery that mimic an armchair of the 70’s, velvet everywhere, and that steering wheel. A steering wheel made of chains, chrome-plated bent.

Since then, a steering wheel, more of a lowrider Impala that of a Scion. The knob of the shift lever has an unknown origin and have added details of wooden by the interior. Also the cab is full of speakers for all corners, in addition to having a huge module with several subwoofer and hundreds of watts of power. The icing on the cake is the mandatory suspension of high-power hydraulic. That is able to jump the car several meters.

Definitely the car that will conquer the SEMA Show.

Source: Jalopnik
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