The Scion iA is the clone of Mazda2 Toyota sold in Brazil


Scion-iA-2 H acia end of last year we learned that Mazda and Toyota had signed an cooperation agreement , which included an investment by Toyota 100 million dollars for Mexican Mazda plant in Salamanca.

Product of the agreement last year, this week was presented in Motor Show in New York Scion iA, a product born under the umbrella of Mazda, as it is a clone Mazda2 Sedan, which it has been equipped with a new front, to provide it with the brand image Scion, that is the brand under which Toyota marketed his most accessible products in North America and historically was directed towards the youth audience.

The Scion iA occurs on the ground that Mazda has in Mexico in the town of Salamanca, taking the base of the Mazda2, but winning their own visual identity . It is also the first sedan of the brand, which has always focused on products with body of type hatchback.


Product of an agreement between Mada and Totota, the Scion iA reach the Mercosur imported from Mexico.

Under the hood of Scion iA propellant hides Series SkyActiv a block 1.5 liters produced 106 horses force and may be associated with either a manual or automatic transmission, both six relations.

Among the items of standard equipment include the automatic emergency braking at low speed, cruise control, access if key, push-button start, multimedia system with 7 inch touch screen alloy wheels, among others.

Toyota announced that Scion iA reach the Mercosur as part of existing agreements with Mexico. In Brazil where presumably it marketed under the Toyota brand will arrive during second half this year.

However Toyota has not revealed his plans for the arrival of the small sedan to other countries in the region, although it could find room on Argentina, Chile or Uruguay .

After its release the small Toyota sedan should measure their strength against products like Honda City or Ford Fiesta sedan, among others.



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