The SD 3, now with six-speed automatic transmission

ds 3 El DS 3, ahora con cambio automático de seis velocidades The PSA Group brands have not highlighted in recent years by its automatic transmissions . The smaller models used a very old and unattractive EAT4 four relations, while more powerful resorted to EAT6 gearbox six relations. Changes manuals piloted CMP and TSG were the automatic choice for the vast majority of versions, without reaching satisfactory results compared to other automatic transmissions.

Last year PSA launched the third generation of its case EAT6 gradually has expanded to almost all models of its brands. The last to adopt it will be the small and cosmopolitan DS3 , which may have automatic transmission in its most interesting engine, the Puretech 1.2 petrol Turbo 110 horses . It will be offered in both closed body and the cabrio.

ds 3 automatico El DS 3, ahora con cambio automático de seis velocidades Until now automatic variant of DS3 corresponding to the engine aspirated 1.6 VTi 120 hp with four-speed automatic transmission . With the new and more efficient mechanical prestacional together with 4.7 liters of average consumption for closed and 4.9 is achieved for the rafter. The CO2 emissions down by 28% regarding aspirated engine variants and pay no tax.

In fact, the performance improvements are noticeable when Citroën speaks about shifting 40% faster . New versions with automatic DS 3 will hit the market in June and prices for Spain still unknown, although in France will be 22,000 and 24,600 euros for closed and rafters, respectively.

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From 15,530 EURO [1.99902 million]

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