The SEAT 600 BMS Concept finally was nothing more than a work of restoration

SEAT 600 BMS Concept, a spectacular work of restoration to celebrate 60 years of the six hundred that was presented in the Automobile Barcelona 2017.

although the Spanish firm had confirmed that it was only a design exercise, there were many who looked forward to the Salon of the Car of Barcelona to be able to know the SEAT 600 BMS Concept, a conceptual work to celebrate 60 years of the six hundred.

But finally, this prototype was not such, but on the contrary it was more than a work of restoration, excellent by the way. It is a work done on a SEAT 600 D convertible, which has managed to recover its splendor thanks to the work of a specialized team of the Spanish company in Martorell.

The team made up of 30 especialestas put hands to the work on this specimen, which had spent the last quarter I designate standing. After more than 1,500 hours of work, more than 1,000 original spare parts, 15 litres of paint and 50 meters of fabric ‘pata de gallo’, this SEAT 500 D managed to stay as the day it rolled out of the factory, achieving to rejuvenate the utility of a Spanish detail.

The irruption in the market of the SEAT 600 took place in 1957, and its production lasted until the year 1973, with anything less than 800,000 units produced. It was a licensed version of the Fiat 600, a model that both Italy and Spain, managed to mobilise the families.