The SEAT already sold through Amazon

SEAT started in France the experience of selling your cars via the online sales site Amazon. The first model has been chosen the SEAT Mii by Mango.

seat-amazonSi you are in France, from now on you’ll be able to buy the SEAT Mii via Amazon. What could be a proposal for something eccentric to many, it becomes a valid alternative for those who shop via the internet are part of your everyday life.

although nothing can replace a visit to a dealership to see first-hand the virtues of a car, the brands are developing these new alternatives, to complement traditional sales channels, and nothing better than to seal an alliance with an expert of the online sales such as Amazon, so that the path is as simple as possible.

SEAT Mii by Mango has been the model chosen by the Spanish firm to start with this new experience, initially in the French market. customers will be able to purchase your unit through the sales portal and have it in your home within 72 hours.

The 94 % of new car buyers begin their research online, and this is precisely what encouraged SEAT to begin with this pilot test that initially reaches to 15 units.

customers should be made a reserve of 500 euros through the Amazon website and then you will be contacted by a representative of the SEAT to coordinate the payment of the remaining € 10.490. Once the transaction is validated you will receive your SEAT Mii by Mango in his home.